Upcoming Shows

Date Town Venue
28-03-2014 Reading Global Cafe
29-03-2014 Basingstoke The White Hart
04-04-2014 Dover The Priory Hotel
05-04-2014 Hastings The Tubman
11-04-2014 Swadlincote The Empire
12-04-2014 Freebird Freehouse Stoke-On-Trent
25-04-2014 Scorpios Bar High Wycombe
26-04-2014 The Hobbit Southampton
02-05-2014 Global Cafe Reading
03-05-2014 Sanctuary Basingstoke
10-05-2014 The Fenton Leeds
17-04-2014 Wedding London
24-05-2014 Wedding Bordon
07-06-2014 The Duke Neath
31-08-2014 The Talking Heads Southampton
11-10-2014 The Hobbit  Southampton

About Us

Kamikaze Test Pilots are a cross-over band that plays predominantly hard rock music. This is sometimes fused with elements of metal, world music, jazz elements and occasionally reggae, making them a versatile and interesting listen, even to those who think that edgy music is not their cup of tea, goblet of blood or carton of opaque beer.

The band have been around since 2005 in various forms and having built a small but passionate following, self released their first EP “Into the Sun” in 2007. This was followed by “Diaspora” in 2009, which was well received by the press and reviewers alike. Their first self titled full length album was equally well received when it was released in November 2012.

Playing live is the mainstay of this band and they are forever playing gigs in venues across the country, being well received by a broad spectrum of audiences.  They have started venturing further afield and invaded Italy in December 2013 and are planning other excursions into Europe soon. Keep an eye out on the gig listings, these guys tend to play everywhere.

Line-up: Ryan Niemandt (vocals, guitar); Wesley Niemandt (drums, vocals); Simon Buckett(bass); Mike Pearce (guitar); Tony Hackett (Ford Transit)



So! We pulled finger and decided to stop being cheap and pay someone who actually knows what they’re doing in terms of website building. And voila! New and improved better looking website, which will be updated periodically...we hope.
We’ve got a fair bit going on at the moment.

Gigs wise, its going to get pretty busy from end of March through to beginning of June 2014, and we’re all over England, so be sure and check the live schedule to catch us at a venue near you!

Keep a look out for another “Perpetual Touring” video. Its kind of a catch up and some of the footage is almost 2 years old, but what the hell! Not much has changed, other than the band members. 

We are in the process of writing and recording a demo for a new album, which we are looking to record in December.  We may leak the odd track here and there and only at shows so you’ll have to leave your homes to come and get one.  We are also currently recording a 3 track EP of African material, so look out for that at gigs and online. 

The video for Chikken is still in progress, so we’ll be sure to let you know when that one is done. Speaking of Chikken, it has been featured in an independent film called “World of Hurt,” which features our bassist Simon, aka Dude, who has a supporting role. A couple of our other friends were involved too, like Edd Keene and Sam Wilkinson – who used to play bass for us and has drummed for us in the past, as well as Dom Durner, who is going to be in our video for Chikken and helped us out when we went to Italy last year.

Next gig is at the Global on the 28th of March. As usual, we try and pick a really good local band to play and try and “import” some talent from elsewhere. This time its no different, with local talent provided by the awesome Fish Hook, and outside talent in the form of For the Kill. Ensure you get down to see them both! Doors are open for 9pm, its £5 to get in unless you are a member of Reading Uni Rock Soc, in which case bring your card with you and get in for £3.